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Casino Game Review: Wild Chapo 2

Cowboy up, gents, for old Chapo has once again found himself behind bars. The creators of the first Wild Chapo slot game, Relax Gaming, are back at the helm with the sequel, titled Wild Chapo 2. The game’s premise is nearly identical to the original, in which Chapo is locked up and you must use your spinning reels to blast him out with explosive winnings. Due to its high variance and generous payouts, the first slot machine was an instant hit. Is it the case with Wild Chapo 2? Let’s go ahead and give it a try.

Video Slot Modeling for Wild Chapo 2


With the brand’s signature lighthearted cartoonish flair clearly on show, Relax Gaming has remained with a design that is identical to the original Wild Chapo slot. The slot machine features the game’s eponymous hero as well as a number of wild creatures, giving a lighthearted take on the traditional Wild West theme. It doesn’t add much to the visual experience beyond the original, but that’s not always a bad thing. The design is still charming, but it has a more refined feel thanks to the silky transitions between day and night. The enjoyment is amplified by an instrumental score reminiscent of traditional Spaghetti Westerns.


Wild Chapo 2 Slot Game Instructions

The main elements of Wild Chapo 2 are where all the excitement happens, since the game’s primary gameplay opts to play it safe. There are 25 active paylines in this slot machine, which are spread across six reels and three rows. This is standard fare for free online slots by Relax Gaming, which tends to play things fairly straight.


The betting options may be changed on the panel below the reels. With a low minimum wager of $0.10 and a high of $50, this betting spread is well in the sweet spot for the vast majority of players.


The game also has the usual fare, such as an Autospin function and, maybe, a Turbo Spin mechanism, depending on your region.

Mobile Slot Playing: Wild Chapo 2


The use of HTML5 ensures that Wild Chapo 2 may be played on a wide range of devices and platforms. The mobile slot game Wild Chapo 2 is functionally identical to its desktop counterpart, with amusing, cartoonish images that are just as striking on a smaller screen.


Slot Machine Extras in Wild Chapo 2

The Wild symbols play a significant role in the Wild Chapo 2 slot game. You can get them on reels 2–5. They will remain on the reels during the respin if they are a component of a winning combination. Every time a Wild contributes to a winning combination, a counter will deplete. If a winning combination is not produced during the re-spins, play resumes from the beginning. There will be one more rotation after they are finished. When this happens, all of the Wild symbols on the reels will grow to span the whole reel, increasing your chances of winning significantly.


The Free Spins Bonus is the game’s primary incentive. If you get three or more Sheriff’s Badge Scatters, you’ll enter this bonus round. If you get a 3, 4, 5, or 6 you’ll get 7, 10, 15, or 25 spins. All Wild symbols appear on the reels for the duration of the round and are gathered below the reels at the end of the timer. When the round is over, they are re-added to their corresponding reels and grow to fill the entire screen. The total multiplier will increase by the number of additional Wilds on the screen.


This bonus increases your chances of winning because the free spins are so variable. Additional free games can be added if Scatters appear.


If you’re willing to wager 70 times your original wager, you can perhaps avoid the lines at the Free Spins Bonus feature.

Return to Player, Max Bet, and Volatility in Wild Chapo 2 Slot


Like the original Wild Chapo slot, Wild Chapo 2 is incredibly unpredictable, with the game often experiencing lengthy periods of inactivity followed by massive wins. The return on investment is above average at 96.10 percent. The highest payout is a whopping 20,000 times the initial wager, making it far more lucrative than the original game.

Overview of the Wild Chapo 2 Slot


Wild Chapo 2 is, like its predecessor, a highly erratic yet potentially enjoyable roller coaster. It’s possible for things to escalate rapidly once you enter the Free Spins Round and the Wilds begin piling in. The maximum victory has been increased from 10,000x in the original game to 20,000x in this version. The unpredictable gameplay and features are the key draws, so it doesn’t deviate too much from what the original delivered. It’s safe to say that Wild Chapo 2 lives true to its name. Try your luck at some of the top virtual casinos right now!

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